Smartphone medical apps roundup: Cisco, Novo, Voalte, iTriage, pMDsoft and more

By Brian Dolan

pMDsoft iPadFDA to regulate nurse paging offering? Certainly an interesting development: Cisco subsidiary Extension submitted its HealthAlert for Nurses offering to the FDA for product clearance. HealthAlert relays critical alerts to a nurse's Cisco IP handset, or preferred smartphone device. The FDA has already informed Extension that there is no communications tool on the market that is “substantially equivalent” to HealthAlert for Nurses, which puts it into the Class III Medical Device category: “This submission for FDA clearance culminates two years of research and tremendous effort designed to differentiate Extension from similar - but certainly not equal products - currently available in the marketplace. It also offers comfort to our growing hospital client base seeking to utilize their existing Cisco infrastructure and/or the emergence of smartphones, and serves as future-proofing for our clients and partners in the face of more FDA regulation in the middleware communication space. I think everyone in the industry agrees more FDA regulation in mobile health and communication is on the horizon. We’ve positioned ourselves well ahead of the pack both for Cisco IP-based handsets and smartphones,” stated Extension CEO Todd Plesko. 

Diagnose bleeding disorders: Novo Nordisk launched a new app called Coags Uncomplicated, which assists in the diagnosis of bleeding disorders. Novo developed it with help from Craig Kessler, MD, Professor of Medicine and Pathology and Director of the Coagulation Laboratory, Georgetown University Hospital, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Mobile charge capture: pMDsoft has upgraded its mobile charge capture native application for doctors using iPads in addition to an iPhone, iPod Touch or BlackBerry. Based on feedback from users, pMDsoft re-engineered the app to enable doctors to use their account simultaneously on both their iPad and a smartphone.

Nurse text, alerts and voice: A few weeks ago Voalte inked its biggest deal to date when it signed up Texas Children's Hospital -- the largest pediatric hospital in the country. That's 500 handsets running Voalte's voice, alarm, text software for nurses.

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