Consumer-facing mobile health's raison d'etre?

By Brian Dolan

Brian Dolan, Editor, loops. That's the focus that some of the highest profile consumer health startups have taken in recent years. Making scales smarter by pairing them with smartphone apps, using smartphone camera's to track eating habits or to measure vital signs, pairing wireless-enabled pedometers with smarter software, all hope to create tighter and more effective feedback loops with an eye on health behavior change.

So far this new crop of companies has charted little success, but it's early. Some behavior change startups have already pushed their experiments to a breaking point and run out of money. Timing is key too, of course, and many are just now starting out.

In recent weeks put together a special report about Healthy Feedback Loops. It serves as a high level primer full of examples that illustrate where much of the consumer-facing mobile health experiments are today. Health Feedback Loops is a complimentary download -- get your copy right here.

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