By Laura Lovett December 31, 2018
Kaiser Permanente has a history of integrating virtual care programs. The organization’s provider and payer model has allowed it to explore digital health early on.  “We have some unique opportunities because we are an integrated organization,” Dr. Patrick Courneya, EVP and chief medical officer at Kaiser Permanente, told “We have healthcare delivery on the clinical side and...
By Laura Lovett December 31, 2018
The healthcare industry has seen waves of hype around an array of technologies over the last century or so — each one promising to be revolutionary in its own way. Most recently blockchain has become the go-to topic in the future of healthcare. Industry players are promising the technology can link patients' medical records, verify medications and more, but like many new tools it has been met...
Blockchain illustration
By Mike Miliard December 28, 2018
Federal officials are working on policy about the emerging technology deliberately, helping to set expectations for near- and medium-term healthcare applications.
blockchain investing
By Dave Muoio December 27, 2018
While blockchain’s overall impact might still be under contention, it’s hard to argue that there isn’t widespread interest among C-suites about just what the distributed ledger technology could bring to their businesses. Nearly three in four executives could see a “compelling business case” for blockchain, and roughly a third said that some manner of blockchain system was already underway at...

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