AARP launches caregiver-focused website with help from UnitedHealthcare, Teladoc, others

By Heather Mack

AARP Services, a subsidiary of AARP, has launched a new, interactive website designed to address gaps in the caregiving market, from scheduling and telehealth to professional advice.

The site, currently in beta, aims to be a central hub for caregivers, and is piloting services from a number of companies that provide resources for caregivers. The idea for the site is based on findings from a report conducted by the AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, which found the adoption of digital tools and technologies that make caregiving easier, more efficient and higher quality is still low.

“[AARP Services] is working as part of AARP’s organization-wide effort of innovation, advocacy and education to help millions of caregivers in the United States,” the company’s CEO Larry Flanagan said in a statement. “There couldn’t be a more appropriate societal challenge that calls upon technology and design to address.”

The site pulls together resources ranging from in-home care support (via CareLinx and Hometeam), Teladoc-powered telehealth services, meal delivery service from bistroMD, and professional caregiving advice from UnitedHealthcare. It will also feature a mobile app that matches caregivers with peers, a function that enables caregivers to swap their best tips and life hacks to adapt regular household items to help them do their jobs better on a daily basis.

“UnitedHealthcare understands the important role that family caregivers play—and the fact that many family caregivers are in need of help,” Steve Nelson, CEO of UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare and Retirement division said in a statement. “The CareConnection platform offers a great opportunity for us to test services designed to lend deeper, more meaningful support to family caregivers.”

As caregivers use CareConnection, AARP Services will continually update the site and add more digital resources from more partners. Based on input from caregivers, the site will be adapted and refined to test more services.

"Like millions of Americans, I have firsthand experience with the challenges of caring for a sick and elderly family member across the country," Teladoc’s CEO Jason Gorevic, said in a statement. “Teladoc is proud to be part of ASI’s CareConnection site as we strive to develop a unique caregiving solution based on direct feedback and insights from caregivers."

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