Compliancy platform Datica offers new cloud options for developers

By Laura Lovett

Compliance is important to any developer looking to create a healthcare app. But sometimes getting the right compliance for multiple products in several different countries can be a bit like running through an obstacle course. 

Cloud-based platform for digital health Datica has recently announced its next generation platform to manage HIPAA compliance on top of AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

“I’ve been at eight different start-ups and the thing that is stopping people from effectively deploying cloud based applications is compliance,” Bill Sims, vice president of sales, told 

The new version means the platform will now use Kubernetes as its underlying container orchestration, which lets customers have more flexibility. It will also let customers install the platform on their AWS or Azure accounts and the compliance coverage is extended to include GxP, GDOR and SOC2. Before the new update, customers deployed their workloads onto Datica’s hosted cloud but they can now put it onto their own cloud account. 

Sims said a lot of customers are looking to their product to help with the often convoluted process of getting regulated. 

“There is this long list of compliance frameworks and the challenge is if you develop that core expertise in your organization you are diluting your development staff and operations staff for the one-time effort to achieve all those compliance things for the ongoing operational aspects for maintaining compliance and, if you have multiple products, for the multiplicity of deployment,” Sim said. “What we’ve done is create a software platform that enforces all of the appropriate compliance as soon as you push your software onto that platform.”

Over 150 customers are using the product, according to Sims. Typically the company can get a platform technically compliant within and hour, he said. Although the consumer would need to do some of the administrative work. The platform can also help users connect to EHR systems. 

"Making Kubernetes the central workhorse for the next version of the Datica Platform left no debate,” Dr. Travis Good, CEO of Datica, said in a statement. "Kubernetes helps healthcare teams adopt modern technology while bridging to existing architectures. Basing the new Datica Platform on Kubernetes will provide stronger support for Windows architectures, better service extensibility, and more self-serve tooling.”

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