Saint Peter's Healthcare taps SeamlessMD for post-operative care app

By Jonah Comstock

Toronto-based SeamlessMD, a company that has developed an engagement tool for surgery patients, is rolling out its offering at Saint Peter's Healthcare System in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Saint Peter's will tap SeamlessMD to create an app-based ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) program for its cesarean section patients. Eventually it will also expand the program out to patients recovering from major colon surgery, gynecologic surgery and other major surgeries.

“When we decided to implement ERAS at our healthcare system, we wanted to do more than just implement the protocols,” said Dr. Attila Kett, medical director of obstetrical anesthesia at Saint Peter’s, said in a statement. “We needed a way to effectively educate our patients, measure their compliance and continuously improve our program over time. We chose SeamlessMD because of its terrific patient experience, the robustness of the platform and the clinical research supporting their system for ERAS.”

SeamlessMD has created a patient engagement program, available on tablet, smartphone, and desktop, that helps patients and providers track a patient's progress from before their operation to post-op. Before a surgical procedure, SeamlessMD's tool provides patients with interactive reminders and checklists so that they adhere to pre-operation instructions.

Then, when the surgery is complete, the app offers digital check-ins, self-management tools, and educational materials. Providers can track the patient's progress on their end. The offering can be used for hip and knee replacement, bariatric, colon, thoracic, cardiac, and other high risk surgeries. 

“SeamlessMD is honoured to support Saint Peter’s and their mission to deliver the best care possible for their patients,” Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD, said in a statement. “We are excited to help Saint Peter’s partner with their patients on the road to recovery.”

SeamlessMD raised $1.1 million from BDC Capital, FundersClub and angel investors at the end of last year. Prior to that, the company had a successful pilot at McGill University Health Center in Quebec.

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