Robin Frady.
By HIMSS TV November 5, 2018
*/ Focus on Artificial Intelligence In November, we take a deep dive into AI and machine learning.

Photo credit: Tissue Analytics 

By Jonah Comstock November 5, 2018
Sierra Madre, California-based Wound Care Advantage, a manager of outpatient wound treatment centers, has partnered with Baltimore-based Tissue Analytics to use the digital health startup's technology to measure wounds and develop improved treatment protocols. "Joining forces with technology companies at the forefront of innovation in healthcare is incredibly important as we tackle problems...
Douglas Reding
By HIMSS TV November 2, 2018
*/ Focus on Artificial Intelligence In November, we take a deep dive into AI and machine learning.
By Laura Lovett November 2, 2018
It’s a too familiar scene — 2 a.m. and the computer screen is open to a Google search leading the user down every possible scenario and health scare. The patient then has to decide based on whatever search has come up whether or not a trip the emergency room is in order.    That’s where AI chatbots have come in to play. More and more digital health companies are focusing on providing a place for...
By Dave Muoio November 1, 2018
Clinical lab and life science services company LabCorp has signaled its latest consumer-focused shift with the announcement of a self-administered wellness test and online results portal. Called Pixel by LabCorp, the testing platform is ordered online by consumers, reviewed by a board-certified physician and then delivered to the consumer within a few days. After collecting a blood sample using...
Livongo's hypertension management offering.
By Jonah Comstock November 1, 2018
Chronic disease management startup Livongo announced a handful of new offerings and partnerships this week, all organized around the theme of “Applied Health Signals,” a framework for thinking about the technologies and capabilities Livongo offers. “Health Signals is really an enabling technology,” Amar Kendale, Livongo’s chief product officer, told “Something that is part of all...
By Jonah Comstock November 1, 2018
As open enrollment season begins, UnitedHealthcare has made updates to a slew of digital resources designed to provide employers insight on their employees’ health, as well as encourage those employees to better apply their health benefits. These include: Health Plan Manager, an interactive analytics tool for self-funded health plans; Digital Onboarding, an online plan enrollment system; PreCheck...
By Dave Muoio November 1, 2018
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has locked in a rule that will allow home health agencies to report the cost of remote patient monitoring for reimbursement under Medicare. According to the announcement, released yesterday, this rule will be implemented in 2020. Alongside this change also came others regarding payment and safety standards for qualified home infusion therapy...
By Laura Lovett November 1, 2018
Klue, a startup that uses gesture monitoring to track eating behaviors, is turning its attention to Type 1 diabetes. This afternoon the San Francisco-based startup announced that its platform will now include a reminder feature designed specifically to help people with Type 1 diabetes manage their condition around meals.  “The module will send the users a gentle nudge on their Apple Watch when...

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