By Dave Muoio November 13, 2017
Humana and Johnson & Johnson have each announced a new challenge competition for digital health students and entrepreneurs. The former seeks novel approaches to easy and understandable EHR management with a focus on Medicare-compatibility, and will award up to $10,000. The latter is offering up to $50,000 for new skin care strategies potentially incorporating tracking devices, adherence...
By Dave Muoio October 23, 2017
Teens and adults battling severe acne now have a new tool to follow their transition toward unblemished skin. Sun Pharma, makers of severe acne medication Absorica (isotretinoin), have released a companion mobile app to help dermatological patients manage their treatment and assist with medication adherence. In addition, the app’s “My Progress Tracker” feature uses the phone’s camera to regularly...
By Jonah Comstock January 13, 2015
Norwalk, Connecticut-based medication adherence platform company HealthPrize says it has succeeded in raising medication adherence an average of 54 percent across a series of pharma-sponsored pilot programs for various medical conditions, with sample sizes ranging from 250 to more than 7,000. That's a 54 percent increase in the mean total number of prescription fills per patient. HealthPrize,...

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