ACT The App Association

By Jonah Comstock March 9, 2016
Last week at HIMSS, ONC Chief Privacy Officer Lucia Savage talked about what HIPAA doesn't say. On Thursday, her predecessor, former ONC privacy chief Joy Pritts, talked about what HIPAA doesn't cover. Pritts, now a consultant, was joined by Morgan Reed, the executive director of ACT The App Association, in a talk about pitfalls providers can fall into when it comes to patient data privacy. "If I...
By Jonah Comstock July 30, 2015
The App Association Executive Director Morgan Reed Yesterday the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee held a hearing about the Internet of Things, and though the conversation was broad and far-reaching, mobile health and healthcare connectivity did hold some floor time. Both Morgan Reed, executive director of ACT The App Organization and Gary Shapiro, CEO and President of the...

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