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By Dave Muoio September 27, 2018
On September 20, Teladoc Health announced that it will be launching a virtual health service for worldwide members beginning in 2019. Called Teladoc Global Care, the service looks to provide companies and insurers covering individuals across multiple countries comprehensive remote consultations at all hours of the day, and entirely within the company’s existing mobile app. While Teladoc is...

Photo credit: Teladoc

By Jonah Comstock August 2, 2018
Teladoc reported a strong second quarter, coming off its acquisition of Advance Medical. The company reported $94.6 million in revenue, with $6.2 million of that coming from Advance. That constitutes 112 percent year-over—year growth for the telemedicine company. The company saw 533,000 total visits in the quarter and 22.5 million paid US members. “We’re now 60 days into the integration of...
By Laura Lovett June 4, 2018
With its eyes set on a global reach, telehealth giant Teladoc announced that it was acquiring fellow virtual care platform Advance Medical for $352 million this morning. The acquisition is expected to help Teladoc expand its clinical services internationally, specifically to multinational employers, and cater to patients in more languages.  “[Teladoc provides] a full suite of services—everything...

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