By Jonah Comstock October 6, 2017
Pharma companies are as excited as anyone about the shift to value-based care and the ways that technology can enable it, but they’re increasingly skeptical about the speed of that change. At Health 2.0 this week in Santa Clara, California, at a panel moderated by Kian Beyzavi, principal investor at KBeyzavi and Associates, several innovation executives at pharmaceuticals talked about value-based...
By Heather Mack July 20, 2016
Digital medicine company Akili Interactive Labs announced an $11.9 million expansion of its recent Series B funding, adding new investors into the round and bringing the series total to $42.4 million. The Dutch subsidiary of Merck Ventures, known as M Ventures in the US and Canada, and the venture arm of Amgen joined existing investors, which include Pfizer and Shire Pharmaceuticals. This means...

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