Credit: Kaiku Health

By Leontina Postelnicu March 4, 2019
Helsinki-based health data science company Kaiku Health, which offers digital patient monitoring and patient-reported outcome services, has announced that is teaming up with Amgen to roll out digital symptom tracking for multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer. In collaboration with Turku University Hospital’s hematology unit in Finland, Kaiku Health developed in 2017 an adaptive algorithm...
By Jonah Comstock October 6, 2017
Pharma companies are as excited as anyone about the shift to value-based care and the ways that technology can enable it, but they’re increasingly skeptical about the speed of that change. At Health 2.0 this week in Santa Clara, California, at a panel moderated by Kian Beyzavi, principal investor at KBeyzavi and Associates, several innovation executives at pharmaceuticals talked about value-based...
By Heather Mack July 20, 2016
Digital medicine company Akili Interactive Labs announced an $11.9 million expansion of its recent Series B funding, adding new investors into the round and bringing the series total to $42.4 million. The Dutch subsidiary of Merck Ventures, known as M Ventures in the US and Canada, and the venture arm of Amgen joined existing investors, which include Pfizer and Shire Pharmaceuticals. This means...


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