Apple ECG

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty

By Jonah Comstock December 20, 2018
It seems like Apple gets more involved in healthcare every year, and 2018 was no exception. The two big stories of the year — the Apple Watch ECG and Apple Health Records — were both the culmination of years of rumors and reports. And the company made health news in myriad smaller ways as well. Read up for a roundup of Apple’s 2018, including a taste of what we might expect in 2019 and beyond....
By Jonah Comstock September 13, 2018
Yesterday, Apple dropped a bombshell on the digital health world, as it is prone to do in its highly-produced launch events. While the announcement included fall detection on the Apple Watch and some improvements to heart rate monitoring, the headline was definitely the announcement that the Apple Watch Series 4 would contain an FDA-cleared ECG sensor. While much of the reaction has been positive...

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