Dr. Daniel Karlin, Greg Plante, Dr. Stephen Wicks, Dr. Zachary Beattie, and Dr. Mahesh Fuldeore

By Jonah Comstock June 8, 2018
Pharma companies are increasingly embracing the use of wearables and other connected devices to streamline and improve data collection in clinical trials. But for all the advantages these devices might have, there also challenges — especially when it comes to data standardization. This week at BIO 2018, Dr. Daniel Karlin, Pfizer’s head of clinical, informatics, regulatory strategy, digital...
By Brian Dolan February 12, 2009
The prospect of wireless-enabled implants that ensure timely and correct dosages of medicine for those unable to care for themselves is fast approaching clinical reality but according to some researchers, the safety and security of these remote intelligent drug delivery systems (RIDDS) still need to be worked out. YanYan Wang and Carey Thaldorf at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando,...

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