By Jonah Comstock October 17, 2017
Google briefly tested, but has either removed or planned to remove, a feature in Google Maps that automatically added calorie counts to walking routes, and even expressed the number of calories as an equivalent number of "mini-cupcakes." The feature was rolled out on a test basis to some iOS users, but was rapidly panned on Twitter. In addition to a general feeling that the app was shaming or...
By Jonah Comstock March 22, 2016
A new paper published yesterday in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that, when it comes to measuring energy expenditure, many leading fitness trackers have a margin of error of about 200 calories per day in either direction. The study was conducted by Japanese researchers led by Haruka Murakami from the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo. Nineteen participants, aged 21 to 50, wore 12...
By Brian Dolan September 30, 2009
Fitbit, a wireless-enabled, fitness and calorie tracking device became commercially available this week. The device, which is small enough to clip on to the user's clothing, uses an internal motion detector to track the wearer's movement, sleep and calorie burn during both the day and night. The device costs $99. Fitbit provides users with metrics like: Amount of steps you took today, miles...

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