CoaguChek INRange

By Laura Lovett June 11, 2018
As Pharma giant Roche continues its dive into the digital health realm, it is releasing a new self-testing device for INR or blood coagulation levels, that can wirelessly connect to a smartphone app. The CoaguChek Vantus system, which is designed for Warfarin patients to monitor their coagulation levels, includes built in Bluetooth technology. Patients can now see their results on the app and...
By Jonah Comstock June 1, 2016
Roche Diagnostics has launched a Bluetooth-connected device for testing blood coagulation in Europe. The CoaguChek INRange system has received a CE Mark, and an older version of the device without the Bluetooth connectivity is already available in the US and in Europe. The Bluetooth connectivity allows patients undergoing Vitamin K antagonist therapy to self-monitor their blood coagulation with a...

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