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By Jonah Comstock April 13, 2016
Last month, published a list of 21 clinical trials currently using a Fitbit activity tracker. That wasn't the whole list, though. In fact, our search turned up so many trials with the Fitbit -- and again, not even including the many other wearable activity trackers on the market -- that we had to split the results into two articles. Read on below for 18 more trials using Fitbit...
By Jonah Comstock March 16, 2016
Consumer activity trackers are inexpensive, user friendly, and reasonably accurate, so it's not surprising that as their public profile has grown, so have the number of researchers using them in clinical trials. We did a search of for "Fitbit" -- just one of the activity trackers out there, but one of the most popular and high profile -- and found a surprising number of in-...

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