By Neil Versel January 14, 2014
Last week, Editor Brian Dolan wrote a commentary entitled, "2014: Digital health's big year at CES?" Note the question mark. Brian wrote that from Boston hours before the Digital Health Summit kicked off at International CES in Las Vegas. Having just covered the event myself in person, I can say the question mark still belongs. Yes, there were more than 300 exhibitors on the almost...
By MHN Staff March 22, 2013
By Orion Armon, IP Litigation practice group, Cooley LLP Since 2009, medical device companies obtained permanent injunctions in 80 percent of cases in which courts ruled on post-trial motions for injunctive relief. The medical device injunction win rate was ten percentage points higher than the win rate for patent owners in other technology areas. Beginning in 2001, companies began filing large...

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