deep heart

By Laura Lovett August 9, 2018
Garmin wearable users now have the option to gain deeper insights into the their heart health, following an announcement that the consumer tech company' wearables will have the ability to integrate with heart health app Cardiogram. “Many users have asked Cardiogram to support Garmin wearables. By directly integrating through the Garmin Health API, Cardiogram has access to the wide array of...
By Laura Lovett November 14, 2017
A new study showed that Cardiogram’s deep neural network technology, called DeepHeart, can detect hypertension and sleep apnea. The study was recently presented at the American Heart Association.  “Those are important conditions because they affect more than a billion people,” cofounder of Cardiogram Brandon Ballinger told “Hypertension affects one in three people in the developed...

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