DexCom-Verily partnership

By Jonah Comstock November 8, 2017
Now that the Abbott Freestyle Libre has received FDA clearance, Abbott and Dexcom will be forced into tight competition in the US market. On Dexcom’s third quarter call, CEO Kevin Sayer spent some time assuaging investor fears about that friction. “Late in the third quarter, the FDA approved Abbott's FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system,” Sayer said on the call. “We always believed the...
By Jonah Comstock March 1, 2017
After the latest in a series of successful quarters (with $171.2 million in revenue, up 31 percent year over year), DexCom is queuing up some big product launches. On yesterday’s Q4 earnings call, CEO Kevin Sayer provided more detail about the forthcoming G6 continuous glucose monitor as well as the first products to come out of DexCom’s partnership with Verily. “In a year of much confusion and...
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