Digital Health Implementation Playbook

By Laura Lovett October 17, 2018
This morning the American Medical Association launched the Digital Health Implementation Playbook, a guide that spells out the steps for developing a digital health technology and best practices. The tool, which can be accessed online, also gives resources and an achieve of digital health adoptions.  “This is a step-by-step guide for all of the things you need to consider before you get to...

Meg Barron, center, speaks on a panel on innovation at Health 2.0's Provider Symposium last week.

By Jonah Comstock September 26, 2018
The American Medical Association has moved past merely calling out “digital health snake oil.” Over the last few years, the organization has dedicated a lot of resources to fostering positive digital health innovation — and making sure that innovation is physician-led whenever possible. “If there’s over 300,000 [digital health] apps and solutions, and over 40,000 that are directly patient-facing...

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