By Babyforyou.net.ua July 5, 2018
Interest in digital health is now sprouting up all over DC, from the president’s announcement of a new AI task force to FDA Commissioner’s shout out to digital health in his budget request.   In fact, the FDA is turning to developers in the digital health space to help solve some of the country’s most difficult problems. In May, the agency announced an innovation challenge aimed at tackling the...


By Dave Muoio June 14, 2018
DyAnsys, a medical device company specializing in the autonomic nervous system, announced this week that it has received FDA approval for a wearable auricular neurostimulation device designed to treat symptoms of opioid withdrawal. The device, called Drug Relief, is now available to providers in the US, and is distributed in the EU by the DyAnsys’ European branch. "This device offers hope to...
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