eating disorders

By Jonah Comstock October 17, 2017
Google briefly tested, but has either removed or planned to remove, a feature in Google Maps that automatically added calorie counts to walking routes, and even expressed the number of calories as an equivalent number of "mini-cupcakes." The feature was rolled out on a test basis to some iOS users, but was rapidly panned on Twitter. In addition to a general feeling that the app was shaming or...
By Jonah Comstock September 22, 2015
Noom Coach, the company's current consumer wellness app. Wellness app maker Noom will work with both the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai hospital in New York and Kaiser Permanente on a 12-week, 200-person trial of a new mobile health app for eating disorders called Noom Monitor, according to a new posting on Noom picked up an NIH grant to develop and test Noom...
By Aditi Pai November 6, 2014
Researchers at the University of Alabama have developed a diet-tracking sensor that collects information based on the wearer's chewing. The sensor, called Automatic Ingestion Monitor, or AIM, is fitted around the user's ear and monitors vibrations from jaw movement. AIM is programmed to ignore jaw motions from talking. This data, paired with pictures the user would take of their meals, would give...

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