By Laura Lovett October 25, 2018
The Mayo Clinic is joining forces with smart stethoscope company Eko to develop a new product that will employ machine learning and a digital stethoscope to assist doctors in detecting potentially dangerous heart conditions.  The pair plan to build a machine learning-based algorithm that can screen for a low ejection fraction, which means a weak heart pump in patients. The team developing the...
By Jonah Comstock February 28, 2018
Berkeley, California-based smart stethoscope company Eko Devices has raised $5 million in new funding. Artis Ventures led the round, with additional participation from Strategic Partners, Dreamlt Ventures, 1812 Ventures, and Founder.org. This brings the company's funding up to $7.8 million — it last raised money in 2015. Eko Devices received FDA clearance last year for Duo, a smart heart monitor...
By Heather Mack June 7, 2017
Berkeley, California-based Eko Devices has received FDA clearance for Duo, a smart heart monitor that is a combination of a digital stethoscope and portable electrocardiogram. Duo is intended as a prescription-only screening tool as part of an at-home monitoring plan, and it works with a companion app for remote monitoring or diagnosis. The idea is to keep continuous tabs on patients at risk for...

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