Flu Near You

By Dave Muoio February 2, 2018
As the calendar turns to February, the beleaguered US healthcare system continues to battle an influenza season considered by Centers for Disease Control and Surveillance officials to be among the worst of this decade. According to the public health agency’s most recent numbers, which include all cases of the disease reported to the CDC by January 20, this year’s flu season has seen a total of 11...
By Jonah Comstock April 2, 2015
John Brownstein's Computational Epidemiology Group at Boston Children’s Hospital has received attention in the past for its efforts to use data streams from social media, along with publicly available data from the government, to predict outbreaks of disease. Under Brownstein's directorship, the team has mined Yelp for the foods most likely to cause food poisoning, helped aggregate data about the...

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