By Dave Muoio March 20, 2018
Gatorade’s efforts to conquer dehydration have again entered the digital realm. Twice reports that the sports drink company and Northwestern University have developed a low-cost wearable skin patch that displays various colors to conveniently let the wearer know when they need to take a drink. The patches were developed and introduced in 2016 by Northwestern University McCormick School of...
By Jonah Comstock March 14, 2016
As health tracking ideas go, the smart water bottle is a persistent one, but no one has quite managed to pull it off yet, despite numerous attempts that have cropped up on crowdfunding sites and in CES announcements. But now the concept has a big name behind it: PepsiCo brand Gatorade, which showed off a forthcoming smartphone-connected water bottle cap at SXSW on Friday. It works well with...

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