George Church

By Laura Lovett August 30, 2018
Since its founding a little over a year ago, Nebula Genomics has caught the public’s attention for its business model of sequencing consumers' genomes and then letting them trade that data for cryptocurrency. Yesterday the Boston, Massachusetts-based company announced that it landed $4.3 million in seed funding and that it would be partnering with Veritas Genetics, a genome sequencing company. ...
By Laura Lovett May 16, 2018
DNA, health records, and blood test results are not only intimately personal, they are also a valuable asset to researchers. Recently a smattering of companies have been working to create a market for people to share and sell their personal data to researchers and healthcare players. Those efforts are going one step further, as two growing names in the health data and blockchain industry are...
By Laura Lovett February 23, 2018
As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies take off in a gold rush-like fashion, players in the digital health field have jumped on board the cryptocurrency wagon. Some companies, like Nobel Prize contender George Church’s brainchild Nebula, are finding ways for the consumer to monetize their personal genetic data. Still others are using the digital currency in more traditional ways, like...
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