Google AI

By Dave Muoio May 9, 2018
Google has unleashed a tidal wave of product and feature updates through the ongoing Google I/O developers’ conference, and it’s no surprise that the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare was a recurring spotlight among them. Through keynote speeches and simultaneously released online blog posts, the company highlighted a handful of tech-driven healthcare efforts that seem to be...
By Laura Lovett March 14, 2018
 In new study published in Ophthalmology,  Google AI researchers found that they could improve their AI disease detecting software by using a small subset of images adjudicated by ophthalmologists that specialize in retinal diseases. "We believe this work provides a basis for further research and raises the bar for reference standards in the field of applying machine learning to medicine," Dr....
By Bill Siwicki February 20, 2018
Google AI has made a breakthrough: successfully predicting cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes simply from images of the retina, with no blood draws or other tests necessary. This is a big step forward scientifically, Google AI officials said, because it is not imitating an existing diagnostic but rather using machine learning to uncover a surprising new way to predict these...

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