Doctor doing a telehealth consultation
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By AT&T October 3, 2018
High-speed digital networks are changing how healthcare is delivered, and how healthcare organizations operate. This digital disruption, which will impact every corner of the healthcare continuum, promises to transform how, when and where care is provided, as well as usher in new experiences for patients. It also promises new revenue opportunities for healthcare organizations. More than half (52...
(L to R) Dr. Anthony Chang, David King, Matt Menning, Dr. Steven Lane, and Dr. Eric Louie

(L to R) Dr. Anthony Chang, David King, Matt Menning, Dr. Steven Lane, and Dr. Eric Louie speak on a panel at Health 2.0.

By Jonah Comstock September 21, 2018
Big data, machine learning, and interoperability are all topics we’ve been hearing about for many years in health tech. But in fact these banner ideas are deeply intertwined with one another. Machine learning requires a certain amount and type of big data — and interoperability plays a large role in whether or not researchers can gain access to the data they need to train models effectively. At a...
doctor with patient looking at tablet health record

New research reveals hospital innovation needs to focus on interoperability, patient experience and telehealth.

By Tom Sullivan September 5, 2018
Healthcare is at an exciting juncture right now. With analytics, cloud, mobile tools, open APIs, apps, and so much patient data being generated and opened to developers, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about how hospitals can use technology to fix our broken system.   That's exactly why we are focusing on innovation throughout September. We will be posting analysis, advice and...
By Jonah Comstock August 29, 2018
Though doctors likely don’t consider their EHR a cutting-edge technology, the EHR space is actually a front line for change and innovation in healthcare. And that change is happening on a number of different axes: interoperability and open standards, personal health records, and the move into public cloud infrastructure are some of the biggest change narratives. Microsoft, which provides...
By Mike Miliard August 22, 2018
Patient-mediated exchange has been championed more and more recently as one potential answer to the long-vexing problem of interoperability. A recent report from RAND supports that idea, and shows how the smartphones in our pockets could also be a boon for more accurate patient matching across providers. Patient matching is a huge challenge. Earlier this year, a who's-who of healthcare industry...
Lonnie Rae Kurlander is a health tech CEO speaking at HIMSS 2.0 conference
By Jonah Comstock August 15, 2018
Lonnie Rae Kurlander has seen the healthcare system from a lot of angles: as a doctor-in-training, as a health tech CEO, and twice as a patient with a serious condition — once with a broken hip in a city far from home, and once with a mystery disease that left her too weak to walk or think. All her experiences have one thing in common: they’ve led her to the same conclusions about the biggest...
AHRQ Director Gopal Khanna speaking at Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference at the White House on Tuesday.

AHRQ Director Gopal Khanna speaking at Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference at the White House on Tuesday.

By Tom Sullivan August 14, 2018
WASHINGTON, DC — The Agency for Health Research and Quality and the Social Security Administration here on Monday announced plans for kicking off challenges to identify technologies that solve specific problems. SSA Executive Director of Health IT Jude Soundararajan said here at the White House Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference that in September SSA will launch a GitHub site with its use case...
Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce representatives speaking at the White House in Washington, D.C.
By Tom Sullivan August 13, 2018
WASHINGTON, DC – A broad coalition of technology giants took the stage in an unscheduled session at the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference here in the White House.  Specifically, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce came together to pledge to remove interoperability barriers.  Dean Garfield, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council, lead the session and described the...
By Dave Muoio August 7, 2018
As more healthcare systems look to embrace big data and the benefits analytics-driven care strategies could bring, the need to build EHRs that can communicate patients’ health data without hassle is growing with each day. But despite growing awareness and billions in expenses, the issue of inadequate interoperability remains the albatross around healthcare IT’s neck, and one that is having a...

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