Ipsos Healthcare

By Jonah Comstock March 12, 2018
Digital therapeutics may be up and coming, but they also have a long way to go before their mainstream treatment options, according to experts who spoke at the digital therapeutics deep dive at HIMSS18. “This is going to be a completely new industry sector,” Pierre Leurent, CEO of Voluntis, said during the session. “It’s going to have very strong growth in the years to come and it’s going to be a...
By Jonah Comstock December 13, 2016
Globally and in the US, use of connected health devices is still low and hasn’t changed since last year, according to extensive survey data from Ipsos, shared today at the Connected Health Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. “What we lack is objective data,” Reena Sangar, head of digital and connected health at Ipsos, told conference attendees. “The data [that’s out there now] is very US-...
By Jonah Comstock July 28, 2015
A couple of new reports from across the pond illustrate the ways doctors and patients are thinking about digital health in England, as well as in France and Germany. A new report from PushDoctor, a UK telemedicine company, shows that 58 percent of the 1,013 UK citizens surveyed have used some kind of health or wellness technology. And a report from healthcare marketing group Ipsos Health shows...
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