By Laura Lovett November 1, 2018
Klue, a startup that uses gesture monitoring to track eating behaviors, is turning its attention to Type 1 diabetes. This afternoon the San Francisco-based startup announced that its platform will now include a reminder feature designed specifically to help people with Type 1 diabetes manage their condition around meals.  “The module will send the users a gentle nudge on their Apple Watch when...
By Dave Muoio May 3, 2018
Garmin and the University of Kansas Medical Center are taking a closer look at the role wearables can play in detecting and managing medical conditions, the groups announced earlier this week. Initially focused on sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation, the collaboration is a clear step beyond the fitness and wellness realm to which Garmin’s wearables have so far been limited. “Garmin Health is...
By Jonah Comstock October 4, 2017
Many digital health companies focus on tracking movement and exercise, the “calories out” half of the weight loss equation. But efforts to track the other side, “calories in,” in any quantitative way, have proved elusive. But while others try everything from spectrometry to blood sugar monitoring to help people automatically monitor their eating habits, Klue, a new startup that launched today at...


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