pulse-sensing iBeat Heart Watch helps patients
By Laura Lovett July 11, 2018
Clarification: This article has been updated to include additional information about how the iBeat watch connects to EMS services.  Today San Francisco-based startup iBeat launched its pulse-sensing iBeat Heart Watch, which aims to alert medical professionals if someone is going into cardiac arrest.  Inspired by the death of a friend who could have been saved by CPR, Ryan Howard, founder and CEO...
By Laura Lovett May 7, 2018
Wearables aren’t just for tracking steps anymore, as a new tool is helping doctors transcribe right from their smartwatch. This morning, voice-powered healthcare company Notable unveiled its latest technology, a voice-powered artificial intelligence wearable for doctors.  “The current physician workflow is rife with administrative burdens and complexity. With growing documentation requirements,...

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