mobile health legislation

By Jonah Comstock January 28, 2013
Mayo Clinic's Patient iPad app "HIPAA is a valve, not a blockage." At least, that's what Office of Civil Rights (OCR) director Leon Rodriguez has said about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Discussions of the national health information privacy and security act often revolve around the ways it limits access to patient health information, rather than the ways in...
By Jonah Comstock January 4, 2013
On December 30th, at the very end of the 112th Congress, Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Cali.) introduced a comprehensive bill to improve Medicare and Medicaid coverage of telehealth. This isn't new territory for Thompson; he introduced some major telehealth legislation as a California State Senator in the 1990s. The latest bill's definition of "telehealth" covers various health services delivered...
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