Nicklaus Children's Hospital

By Jonah Comstock November 19, 2018
Nicklaus Children’s Health System in Miami, Florida is deploying an app-based clinical image sharing tool, tapping startup WinguMD and medical imaging company Dicom Systems. “Prior to deploying the application, clinical photos were stored in multiple devices using numerous manual processes,” Elise Hermes, chief nursing information officer for Nicklaus, said in a statement. “Quality, continuity,...
By Jonah Comstock March 9, 2018
Correction: An earlier version of this article identified Ed Martinez as a doctor. According to Ed Martinez, CIO of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, one of the biggest problems with EHRs is that they’re not patient-focused systems.’ “We had just gone live in 2007, 2006 with Cerner and I realized there was a missing component in the whole Cerner story,” Martinez told in an...

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