ocular telemedicine

By Jonah Comstock March 15, 2018
Opternative, a Chicago-based purveyor of online and mobile refractive eye exams, received a warning letter from the FDA last fall. The October 30 warning letter was only recently made public by the agency. Addressed to then-CEO Aaron Dallek (Opternative named a new CEO, Brent Rasmussen, in January), the letter makes it clear that it considers Opternative's online eye exam to be a mobile medical...
By Jonah Comstock October 17, 2017
Opternative, a Chicago-based digital health company that offers an online refractive eye exam service to help consumers get prescriptions for glasses or s, is suing online glasses retailer Warby Parker in New York District Court. The suit alleges that Warby Parker's Prescription Check offering (launched in May) was based on proprietary information and technology obtained from Opternative...
By Jonah Comstock May 24, 2017
Online eye glasses retailer Warby Parker has launched a new app to offer online eye exams to users. While a number of companies offer ocular telehealth in various forms to users in regulatory-friendly states, and some of those companies also sell lenses, Warby Parker would be the first glasses retailer to venture into the space. The FDA-registered app, called Prescription Check, is...
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