By Laura Lovett February 9, 2018
Last night the Olympic Games kicked off in Pyeongchang South Korea. For many, the road to the games was filled hard work, training, and, increasingly, gadgets. Olympic teams have turned to the latest technology to enhance performance and keep competitors safe. With athletes pushing their bodies to the limit, the event can be notoriously dangerous — in fact, the Olympics Committee and GE...
By Mike Miliard February 9, 2018
The Olympic Games are starting to prove themselves not just as a showcase for the world's elite athletes, but for leading-edge health IT initiatives. A week ago we reported how the HIMSS Olympic Healthcare Interoperability Initiative alongside SNOMED International, will use the games after PyeongChang – the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing and beyond – as a proving...
By Jonah Comstock August 5, 2016
The Olympics aren't just for athletes. It's also an opportunity for sports tech companies – including makers of vitals-monitoring wearables, fitness and training apps, and other digital tools – to show off their technology on an international stage. In Rio, athletes are looking for every edge to compete, and that includes the latest gadgets. Samsung offered gifts to every athelete and included a...

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