opioid use disorder

Dan Gebremedhin and Isobel Rosenthal
About the Authors: Dan Gebremedhin (@dangebremedhin) is a Partner at Flare Capital Partners, a Healthcare Technology and Services focused VC Firm. He is a practicing physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital, previously served as a Medical Director at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan and spent time as an entrepreneur in the health IT industry.  Isobel Rosenthal (@isobelrosenthal) was a...
By Jonah Comstock October 18, 2017
Pear Therapeutics announced today that reSET-O, a digital therapeutic for opioid use disorder, has received an Expedited Access Pathway (EAP) designation from the FDA. The EAP designation doesn't mean that the FDA has cleared the product, only that it has committed to fast-tracking it through the clearance process because of its timely public health value.  “The opioid epidemic continues to...