patient outreach

By Laura Lovett February 9, 2018
Patients are used to getting bombarded with communications from their insurance providers. From text messages and emails to phone calls and snail mail, it can be overwhelming for patients to keep track of all the information coming in. Welltok aims to streamline the communications so members’ inboxes look a little less chaotic. This week, the healthcare software company announced the launch of...
By Jonah Comstock November 23, 2015
HealthCrowd has raised $2.1 million to expand the scope of its patient outreach business in several different ways. Startup Capital Ventures, Herlitz Capital, Healthy Ventures, Band of Angels, Berkeley Angel Network, and 37 Angels all participated in the seed round. "Most people in the industry, as well as the Medicaid space, know us as the text messaging platform," CEO Bing Doh told...
By Jonah Comstock July 28, 2014
HealthCrowd, text-message-based patient engagement strategy, has completed a pilot with New York Medicaid plan Healthfirst, showing that 86 percent of Healthfirst's Medicaid population was equipped to receive text messages. "Over 80 percent of the population we intervened on had a mobile phone," Neng "Bing" Doh, HealthCrowd's CEO and cofounder, told in an exclusive interview. "...

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