By Jonah Comstock December 27, 2017
Digital health in pharma definitely had a milestone moment in the fourth quarter with the FDA approval of Abilify MyCite, a new, sensor-enabled version of Otsuka’s drug for schizophrenia powered by Proteus Digital Health’s ingestible sensor technology. In addition to that, the quarter saw numerous other moves by pharma companies around clinical trials, chronic disease management, mental health,...
By Jonah Comstock March 3, 2017
Implantable longterm continuous glucose monitor company Senseonics is in a better place than its financials would suggest. The company posted a net loss of $9.9 million last quarter, up from an $8.4 million loss in the year prior, and is planning to borrow about $5 million from the Oxford Silicon Valley Bank that it’s already $20 million in debt to. But Senseonic’s potentially game-changing...

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