Qualcomm 2net health hub

By Jonah Comstock May 22, 2014
San Juan Capistrano, California-based remote monitoring analytics company Jointly Health has raised $1.3 million from investors including Frost Venture Partners and Reed Elsevier Ventures. This brings the company's total funding to date to $3.8 million. According to CEO Dean Sawyer, the company's first product is still awaiting FDA 510(k) clearance, but they have their first few health plan...
By Jonah Comstock June 24, 2013
The Center for Connected Healthcare at Partners HealthCare in Boston has announced that it will begin integrating data from its home remote monitoring devices directly into Partner's electronic health record system. Patient data including blood pressure, weight and blood glucose data will be transmitted to the Center's remote monitoring database, but, unlike previously, that data will now be...
By Brian Dolan June 28, 2012
Qualcomm's 2net Hub This week at its Uplinq 2012 developer conference in San Diego, Qualcomm released a software development kit (SDK) for its forthcoming Qualcomm Life 2net app, which will act as a hub for personal medical devices. Curiously the SDK will initially only be available for creating Android apps, while an Apple iOS and Windows version of the SDK will launch in the future. (UPDATE:...
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