By Laura Lovett November 27, 2018
This morning quip, an online dental platform and subscription toothbrush company, landed $40 million led by existing investor Sherpa Capital, with participation from Triplepoint Capital.  quip is best known for selling American Dental Association-approved electronic toothbrushes on its online platform. The company runs on a subscription model. Once a customer has bought the toothbrush for $25,...
By Dave Muoio October 3, 2018
Babyscripts announced today that its prenatal app has become available to mothers and doctors at the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin health network. Later this year the network will also enable mothers to opt into the service’s data sharing component to allow remote patient monitoring tool for OB/GYNs. “Expectant patients are now able to access evidenced-based education anytime to...
By Jonah Comstock May 16, 2018
When it comes to dental health, companies seem to more and more see consumer technology and insurance as natural partners. Beam Dental, which started out in the smart toothbrush space but expanded a few years ago into dental insurance, raised $22.5 million today. At the same time, quip, a smart toothbrush company that raised $10 million last year, acquired dental health plan Afora, in a move that...

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