By Jonah Comstock May 22, 2013
The updated Scanadu Scout. San Francisco-based Scanadu, which had planned to release it's tricorder-like SCOUT device by the end of 2013, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to sell the device. In an unprecedented move, the company is launching its crowdfunding campaign without FDA 510(k) clearance, with the intention of conducting the usability tests needed to get the clearance via the campaign...
By Jonah Comstock February 28, 2013
One of the many promises of mobile health is self-diagnosis, and for informational medical tests that are easy to perform at home, it's hard to beat urinalysis. One of the most ubiquitous home diagnosis devices of the last century, the home pregnancy test, is a consumer urine test. But although the first home pregnancy test was patented in 1968, it's taken until recently for the many other uses...

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