smart bandage

By Dave Muoio July 10, 2018
A team of researchers from Tufts University, Harvard Medical School, and Purdue University, have presented academia’s latest take on the smart bandage. Recently described in the journal Small and so far tested only in vitro, the novel wound dressing is flexible, monitors the wearer’s wound in real time, and can administer a drug either on demand or in accordance to individual treatment protocols...
By Brian Dolan February 23, 2009
GigaOM (via BusinessWeek) published a thorough trend piece on wireless medicine this morning that outlines some of the top emerging telemedicine 2.0 companies in the mHealth space today: CardioNet, Triage Wireless and Proteus Biomedical. The companies are favorites in the San Diego wireless medicine scene, which is a veritable hotbed of mHealth activity. Here's a quick intro to these three...

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