By Jonah Comstock June 5, 2017
The class action lawsuit against MDLive is over, almost before it began. Just one month after the law firm Edelson PC sued the telemedicine company for privacy violations, the plaintiff, Joan Richards, has voluntarily dismissed the suit. The abrupt end of the suit, without any monetary settlement by MDLive, is a little baffling. We've reached out to a number of personnel from Edelson PC for...
By Jonah Comstock April 25, 2017
An Illinois-based law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against telemedicine company MDLive, alleging that the company takes screenshots of sensitive patient health information and sends them to TestFairy, an Israeli company that does quality control on apps, and that this is a violation of patient privacy. MDLive, for its part, denies that there's anything improper about its procedures. The...