Texas eHealth Alliance

By Jonah Comstock May 26, 2017
In the State of Texas, a major piece of telemedicine legislation is sitting on Governor Greg Abbott’s desk. Known as Senate Bill 1107 and House Bill 2697, the bill abolishes the requirement that patient-physician relationships be established with an in-person visit before telemedicine can be used. (Update: As expected, Abbott signed the bill on Saturday.) Texas is the final state of 50 to abolish...
By Heather Mack March 2, 2017
The latest legislative effort to establish telemedicine guidelines in Texas may finally be what everyone has been waiting for. Senator Charles Schwertner submitted a bill this week created out of months of negotiations between various medical boards, regulatory agencies and industry groups, and it contains a compromise that may finally bring an end to the longtime telemedicine standoff in the...
By Heather Mack August 29, 2016
The Texas Association of Business, a lobbying group that represents the state’s employers, is joining the pro-telemedicine camp: the group just released two surveys (one of its members, one of the voting public) totaling more than 750 people that serve as a support to legislation that would allow telemedicine to operate more freely in the state. “Texas health care consumers are calling for new...


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