U.S. veterans

By Laura Lovett November 22, 2017
Veterans struggling with speech or cognitive disorders will now be able to access therapy through Constant Therapy, a mobile app that provides supplemental coaching and motivation to patients.  Veterans eligible for speech or cognitive therapy through the US Department of Veterans Affairs will now be able to use the app for free.  The app is part of the Newton, Massachusetts-based company The...
By Brian Dolan November 12, 2009
AllOne Health announced that its pilot with the U.S. Army, called mCare, has facilitated more than 5,000 messages to the 100 "wounded warriors" participating in the program. The participants are U.S. veterans with traumatic brain injuries who typically need constant follow-ups and continuing medical care. The Army and AllOne plan to expand the number of participants to 10,000 wounded warriors....
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