weight management

By Jonah Comstock July 9, 2018
WellDoc has expanded its BlueStar digital diabetes management platform to include a weight loss feature and a feature for those with both diabetes and hypertension. A standalone product for hypertension is also coming from the company later this year. “The American Diabetes Association reports that nearly one in three American adults has hypertension, and two in three people with diabetes have...
By Jonah Comstock March 9, 2016
As a person with an identical twin brother who consistently weighs less than I do, I can attest that -- without even really doing anything -- he can be a big motivator for weight loss for me. For instance, I remember a Christmas where our parents bought us matching belts: his fit, mine didn't. That gave me plenty of inspiration to join a gym. London-based TwinBody believes the key to building an...
By Jonah Comstock May 12, 2015
The VA Boston Healthcare System will launch a pilot using the Basis Peak wearable. The wristworn device will be used to evaluate the effect of a drug on veterans' sleep habits. San Francisco-based Basis, which was acquired by Intel last year, is donating 1,000 Basis devices to the Boston VA, some of which will be used for the sleep study, and others of which will be used for the VA's Move! weight...

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