By Jonah Comstock December 26, 2017
Member engagement was the watch word for health insurers in the fourth quarter, as we saw consumer-facing app launches or related moves from Humana, Anthem, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare. The quarter also saw some big moves from CMS and some interesting developments in the realm of employee wellness. Check out our roundup of Q4 payer news below. If you want to take a look at the whole year, check...
By Jeff Lagasse September 7, 2017
Harvard Health Publications, which harnesses the expertise of more than 11,000 Harvard Medical School faculty clinicians to create patient health engagement materials, is collaborating with Outcome Health. The latter seeks to improve patient outcomes by providing health intelligence and information at the moment of care using technology. The partnership will bring Harvard Medical School’s...
By Brian Dolan May 27, 2010
Winston Wang, Director of Strategic Innovation of the T-Mobile Creation Center, told the standing room only crowd at Stanford University's Mobile Health 2010 that he joined T-Mobile to bring a "Silicon Valley" mentality to the carrier. Within the carrier's creation center, which is developed alongside design firm IDEO four years ago, Winston and his team aim to push T-Mobile to develop and offer...


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